It is very hard to create a brand but is also very easy to disperse it. Create the success is a considered run. It need to follow the needs of the company. Measured with his experience. Analyse markets, competitors, aspirations of the target with every possible tool. Create a strategy based on the future. Support campaignes that little by little create stable brand immages.


At the beginning specialized in advertising communication, fashion one, brand reinforcement and brand awareness addition, mcm corporate spa is today working out and divided into:

Istitutional communication:
lobbing activity, public affaires, politic consulence;

Practice corporate communications:
strategic set/re-set relations with institutions/stakeholder. Edit instruments Web reputation management. Image building.

Practice Mass marketing & fashion communications, brand reputation. Mediatic events creation. Relations with trendsetter.
Co-marketing initiatives.

Practice Media Communications:
Relations media/press and tv placing office management